I can sit here and tell you my resume. That I have 6 years of photography experience in boudoir. That I have invested thousands of dollars in education for posing, guidance, skin retouching, etc. Although those things are important and add value to work, what I bring to the table as a person is far more important. 

Years ago I began my self love journey. I have been in the shoes of someone who looks at their physical body and feels so down. When feeling less than satisfied on the outside makes you feel less than satisfied on the inside. Exploring a self love journey changed my life. I don't say that as a cliche, I say it with all seriousness. I not only finally was able to enjoy myself but it gave me such a full heart to spread love and empowerment to others. I have had women walk through the studio doors in all phases of life; both good and the bad. Empowering them and making them feel beautiful and confident both during session and photo reveal gives me so much happiness. 

I base our entire session on comfort; physically, mentally, and emotionally. I love getting to know you during hair and make up to really start building that bond, creating a safe space, and establishing comfort. By the time we get into session we are gal pals and just having a great time! My number one goal is for clients to ALWAYS feel comfortable and be able to enjoy their experience with me. 

I am not your typical photographer..

While I love what I do as a photographer, I also ensure that I take time to do the things I love with the people that I love! 
Other than just a photographer, I am a wife to my husband of 10 years and mama to our three beautiful children. Our family loves to spend time outside, taking new adventures to new places, always being educated in anyway we can, walking our three dogs, gathering eggs from our 17 chickens, and daily trips to the Dairy Queen! 
Outside of being wife and mama, I love to read books, learn new songs on my guitar and ukulele, shopping for clothes, and praising Jesus. 
I have many life passions however my biggest passion is striving to make a difference and positive impact in this world. While I know I cannot impact the whole world, I can impact the whole world of one person. 
I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your passions!

Life outside of Photography

Boudoir photography is intimate experience and portrait type. It is a wonderful tool for activating self-love and empowerment. When you dress in something sexy and receive a day designed to celebrate you, you shed layers of insecurity and doubt and see yourself as a confident, sexual, attractive, and powerful individual. 
The fact is that our bodies are the physical manifestation of our soul. To honor them is to honor thy self. And that’s what do is celebrate you and cultivate confidence.

Bordering on the unexpected, you will feel liberated to self-express in a safe space with a photographer skilled at supporting you to let go and empowering you to see yourself as the divine woman you are. You also walk away with a valuable lesson. You learn to accept the unhelpful dialogue popping into your mind, move forward, and embrace your mind and body, including your imperfections. And while I know self-confidence doesn't magically occur overnight, a boudoir shoot sets the path and foundation for you to strengthen your relationship with yourself and love and appreciate all that you are. 

"A boudoir photo shoot doesn't have to be for someone else. To be able to see yourself as a badass woman who loves and accepts her flaws every day is enough for me."
-Brianna K.

What is Boudoir?

If you are familiar with my business you may know about my Boudoir Ambassador Program! This program began in 2023 with only five ladies and since then has grown and expanded to over fifteen women. 
The Ambassador Program is one that allows women to join a new sense of boudoir and creative photoshoots while also gaining a sisterhood in the process. Ambassadors have responsibilities in posting on social media and partaking in group and solo photoshoots. Their overall goal is to promote my business however, over time the program has allowed these women to not only promote but to become a part of my business. 
Ambassadors are women who share the love of empowering other women in anyway that they can; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and so much more! Women can always count on this program to give them confidence, opportunity, and new relationships. 
Ambassador terms are three month in duration. 
Want to join in on the ambassador opportunity? Send in your application! 

Honey's Boudoir Ambassador Opportunity

Apply here

Why choose me? That’s a really great question! I cannot convince you that I am “the best” so that is not what I would sell you on. What I can sell you on are these things. I make it my mission to remove shame from sexy while helping you rediscover your self love. I am passionate about women empowerment. Once I found this passion I became addicted to all that comes along with it, including helping others discover that empowerment for themselves. I will be your biggest hype woman in and out of the session. I want to assist in celebrating yourself regardless of where you are at in your self love journey.

Why book with me?

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Check out the services I offer below:

Intimate Couples

What is included?

What is an intimate couples session?

- 60 minute session
- 2/3 outfit changes
- One location
- 30+ digital images
- Full Release of images

An intimate couple's session is one that is more raw and sensual. However, they can be fun and playful as well! It can be an unforgettable experience for the couple to capture these memories together. Plus, it can be a fun date night for the couple! Couples leave sessions feeling empowered and connected!


Creative Portraits

What are creative portraits?

What is included?

If you're looking for you out of the box, non-cookie cutter portraits, you're in the right spot! Creative portraits are something that show the world an expression, feelings, and uniqueness in a non-ordinary way. Creative portraits allow us to combine the real world and elements to create something unique! The opportunities are limitless with these portraits!

- 60 minute session
- 2/3 outfit changes
- One location
- 30+ digital images
- Full Release of images


Branding / Headshots

Who are Branding sessions for?

Who are Headshot sessions for?

What's included?

Branding sessions are perfect for those who are involved in entrepreneurship and/or social media influencing to showcase their passion, their personality, and their occupation!

Headshot sessions are prefect to capture both professionalism and personality for those who are a face of company. Headshots are a perfect additional pieces to any resume when one is pursuing a career!

- 60 minute session
- 2/3 outfit changes
- One location
- 30+ digital images
- Full Release of images



The Experience

60 Minute Session
Hair and Make-Up 
5 digital images
Client Closet Access
Professional Posing + Direction
Prep Guide
Full Retouching
Swag Bag

I offer one boudoir package as I whole heartedly that to gain the correct and impacting experience, that it should always require specific aspects.

Collections and Ala Carte Items are available for additional!

What is included?


Meet our Hair and Make Up Team

Nicolette Dauge

Tyler Shafer

I’m Tyler Shafer! I’ve been with my husband for 11 years and have three beautiful children! Doing make up has always been a passion of mine but in the last 7 years has turned into a blossoming business. Meeting all type of wonderful women has been such a joy. By trade I am a nurse that has worked in women’s health the majority of the time. So taking care of my own is a huge passion for me. All women deserve great care and I hope to give that in all aspects of my life. Can’t wait to meet even more lovely ladies this coming season!

Hello my name is Nicolette and I am a makeup artist! Here’s a little bit about myself 
I started taking makeup very seriously around 5th/6th grade. I was introduced by my bigger sister Abby. She and I would create makeup looks any chance we got and practice on each other and dreamed to become makeup artists one day. She passed away in 2018 at the age of 16 and I never let our dream fade! I then started cosmetology school while in high school in 2019 and decided I wanted to do nails as well. I graduated and got my license in 2021! I now currently work at the Yellow Violet Salon and Spa, a salon my mother and I opened in April of 2023! I am also a mother to a beautiful baby boy named Israel!

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