Chattanooga, Tennessee

On the road again! 

As I type this we are on the road headed back home to Ohio. A short 3 day trip for Dylan and I to Chattanooga, TN to capture more fun and creative shoots while also meeting other amazing photographers. Whenever you head me talk about styled shoots that is the one thing that you can count on me to mention. I absolutely LOVE meeting other photographers. I love meeting other individuals who have the same passion as I do in life. Other people with creative minds who can feed off of each other in the best ways! 

The trip to Chattanooga was roughly 7.5 hours (without stops). We arrived Monday evening and stayed in the most adorable Airbnb! Check out the link to where we stayed here:

Now I wish I was about to tell you that we explored the state of Tennessee and saw amazing things, but that’s not the story here. In all honesty, Dylan and I went straight to the bed and watched Grey’s Anatomy until we crashed. It was so nice to have to wake up to an alarm the next morning. As a mother of three I am up every morning at 6am (if not earlier). To wake up because my body was ready was a refresher that I needed! Now, I wish I was about to tell you that we spent the whole day hiking or exploring downtown Chattanooga, but again, we binged watched more Grey’s Anatomy. This trip was a much needed time to relax with one another and just spend time with each other as well. We are busy 99% of the time and we make sure that we take time out of our busy lives to spend quality time and make sure our love never goes dull. We got breakfast at a nearby IHOP, which is always a special place for us. Our first date was at an IHOP in 2014! 

After that we drove 45 minutes to Georgetown, Tennessee where the photoshoots took place. 6 shoots in 2 hours! We were ready to go with both us behind our cameras to photograph and video. Meeting the models and connecting with them is something that we feel is so important. The connection helps with comfort which is going to lead you to the best results in your sessions! When a couple is comfortable they can have more genuine smiles, laugh naturally, and it helps with body stiffness. 

Being around fellow creatives is something I LIVE FOR. I don’t know about other professions, but there is something in the photography community that allows us to be in sync with one another, feed off the positive energy,  and build in creativity. The two hours went incredibly too fast and I’ll be honest, I didn’t even get to one of the couples! AH! Time seriously flies when you’re having fun! 

Of course, all the shooting made us hungry and if you know Dylan and I, if it is dinnertime by ourselves while we’re out, that definitely means a date to Texas Roadhouse! Dylan will tell you that he was beyond pleased with his meal and said he would make the drive to that specific Texas Roadhouse again.. even if it was 7.5 hours away! HA! As soon as we got back to our Airbnb we sat together and went over all the footage and photos we capture. “Ohhh’ing and “Ahh”ing! Some of those images are posted below for you to see what we captured!

Sadly, nothing too much more exciting happened after this. Sleep (after more Grey’s Anatomy) and up at 7am to head back home. Back home to our three children who, I can probably bet won’t even want to come home from Grandma’s! We will prepare our food for Thanksgiving meals tomorrow with our families and spend the day blessed and thankful for all that we have. 

We hope that everyone has a blessed and happy Thanksgiving and holiday. We greatly appreciate your support in coming here to hear about our trips and travel. We will be on the road again in 2 weeks as we head to Las Vegas! You all WON’T want to miss this!!! We cannot wait to show and tell everyone how Vegas goes!! 

-Honey + Bourbon 

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