Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Hello! We are so happy you are here and want to hear about our experience while in Michigan! We love sharing experiences with you and this is something that is definitely going to happen more often! 

Months ago I (Dallas) purchased a ticket for an incredible styled shoot opportunity! The mood board was absolutely perfect and included sand dunes and a camel! HECK YES! No way was I missing out on this one! I was so incredibly eager all the time leading up to have something so magical in my portfolio and just to be around a camel!

On Thursday Dylan and I traveled the 5 hours to Mears, Michigan to Silver Lake Dunes. Any car ride just the two of us is fun! Being married to your best friend never gets old and being in business with them makes it all the more exciting. We arrived and were so ready to photograph the creation that was put together.

Of course as I have learned the weather is never predictable, it was pouring rain and wind blowing 50 mph. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been around sand dunes in high winds but OUCH! Sand literally covered my whole body. The group of other photographers, models, and I walked up a very steep dune to get up higher for the shoot. All while wind and rain were coming right at my face. I thankfully brought a dome umbrella which was extremely helpful when walking toward the wind. I made a comment to Dylan afterwards that I truly felt I was about to be like Mary Poppins and the wind carry my umbrella and I away! 

The models changed into their outfits while on the dunes. As much as the wind and sand hurt me (someone who was fully clothed), I could not IMAGINE what these models were feeling with changing. The rain continued to come down harder and photographing was become very complicated. We decided to take a break for approximately 45 minutes when the weather said the rain would stop. 

I sat in the car and warmed up while also trying to mentally prepare myself to go back out in just a short time. The rain did stop and back out we went. This time we traveled back up the dunes with new models and the camel! Although the rain had stopped the wind was very much still blowing sand all over the place. 

The other photographers and I worked together to get the most photos out of a short time as we were all very cold, wet, and uncomfortable with sand in our faces. The camel, whose name was Bentley, was absolutely amazing! I have never experienced a camel outside of the fair and this was a new experience. 

After shooting for another 45-50 minutes we decided we felt very satisfied with the content and to call it a day. I was so excited to be back in a warm car, soon to a warm hotel, and later on in a warm hot tub! We stayed overnight in the Dunes Express Inns & Suites. A very welcoming and nice hotel just 15 minutes from the Silver Lake Dunes! I would highly recommend if you make this trip to lodge at this hotel. 

We can definitely say our time / experience was unique but we had the best time regardless! We definitely plan to make the trip again in summer of 2022 for when we hope weather conditions are better and we can capture more magical beauty! We would recommend seeing the Dunes to anyone! Who knew something so amazing was so close to home?! 

These are some images from the photoshoot we attended. Stay tuned as we will be traveling to Tennessee November 22nd-24th for more styled shoot fun! 


Honey + Bourbon

  1. Elizabeth McGee says:

    I’m completely obsessed with these! You did absolutely amazing 😩🖤

  2. Alicia Cummins says:

    These are amazing Dallas and Dylan!!

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