Preparing for 2022 with couples

2022 is going to be such a huge year for Honey + Bourbon. We have finally found our niche and we are ready to dive in and make this upcoming year AMAZING! We are limiting our bookings for after the new year so that we be fully dedicated to our sessions. We mean we are going to be 120% in our sessions. No more cookie cutter posing. No more struggling with outfits and questioning what will look good. No more feeling awkward (although I hope this is never the issue anyway). Our sessions will have be more creative, more unique, and more fun! We are going for the raw and real moments. In booking your session I will be providing questionnaires, style guides, my bucket list, and what to expect when in session. We are going to make every session different from the last. If you want average photos, you won’t find it here. Let’s give everyone something to “ooh” and “ahhh” about in your sessions! We are excited to have you in session and will see you in 2022!

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