Preparing the Details

You’ve spent all of the money on making sure every detail of your wedding day is perfect. From your jewelry, headpieces, flowers, cuff links, rings, etc. You want to make sure that those details are captured and saved in your memories! You not only want to remember the physical items but those things that can be remembered through senses. Bring your favorite perfume/cologne. Remember this smell for the rest of your life. Whenever you smell this in the future that meaningful day and all the memories will flow back into your mind. Below is a list of the items you want to ensure is included in your details.

Details for her 

  • perfume
  • invite
  • rings 
  • jewelry
  • garter 
  • shoes 


Details for him

  • cologne 
  • wedding invite
  • watch 
  • shoes
  • boutonniere
  • cuff links 
  • ring

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