Meaning Behind Honey + Bourbon

We have officially made it public that what was Dallas Castle Photography will officially change to Honey + Bourbon January 1st, 2022. We decided on this name change after Dylan began taking on photography and videography full time. We wanted a name that not only reflected Dallas but Dylan as well.

So I know what you’re thinking.. Honey + Bourbon. What?! What does that have to do with photography and videography right? Although we absolutely love promoting our business, it’s not our business we sell you on. It’s us! We are the ones making you smile and laugh behind the camera. We are the ones capturing your big day, holding your flowers (any of our brides know Dylan is the best flower holder), and making sure everything goes as perfect as possible! We wanted a name that reflected US! 

A name that fit our personalities and well as our style! 

Honey represents Dallas. Sweet and wild. When you think of honey you think of bees. Bees are hardworkers! They’re team workers and dedicated.

Bourbon represents Dylan. Bourbon is unique in the liquor world. It’s subtle and classic. A bourbon drinker is fiercely and intensely loyal. Plus, Dylan loves a good drink. 

The tones/colors of honey and bourbon are warm, which you all know is our style! 

We are very excited about this HUGE change and all the amazing things that Honey + Bourbon get to accomplish!

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