Wedding Day Timeline Tips

Planning your wedding day can be absolutely stressful, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing! As a wedding photographer I work with my wedding couples on their day of timeline. A timeline can make or break your wedding day. When creating your timeline there are so many things, people, and events to consider. If you feel like you have no idea where to begin in creating your timeline here are some of my most important tips:

  1. Leave 10-15 minutes extra for events (family photos, ceremony, entrance, toasts, first dances, first looks, etc.)
  2. Work backwards from ceremony start time to the beginning of your day
  3. Include travel time 
  4. Make a list of specific shots you want 
  5. Make sure you know how long your vendors need for specific things 
  6. Add additional time for hair and make up 
  7. Do brides hair and make up last for getting ready photos 
  8. Make sure vendors / family / wedding party have a copy of the timeline 
  9. Leave 30 minutes prior to the ceremony of time to meet with officiant & line up 
  10. Know your sunset schedule for sunset photos 
  11. Limit your toast time 
  12. Make time to eat 
  13. Consider a first look 
  14. Complete reception events early in the day before guests begin to leave
  15. Keep all detail items in one place for when photographer/videographer arrive

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