The importance of engagement photos.

Congratulations on your engagement! What an incredible and exciting time in your life. The wedding planning is underway and you are moving forward to one of the biggest days in your life. In your checklist to getting ready for the big day make sure that you add engagement photos!

As a wedding photographer, I feel that engagement photos with your wedding photographer is so important to your wedding day. This is a time for you to meet your photographer and build a relationship with them. This is time where you can make sure that your energies and personalities vibe together. Take this time to get to know your photographers style as well as it allows your photographer to get to know you and your style. Would you buy a wedding dress just by seeing it on the rack? You would try it on and make sure that it is a good fit for you. That everything about it is exactly what you want. An engagement session with your wedding photographer works that same way. You want a perfect fit!

Your engagement session allows for relationship building to help ease those nerves when that big day arrives. As a wedding photographer, it can be equally as nerve wracking entering a wedding day when you don’t have much face to face time with the wedding couple. I always want to ensure that the bride is as calm as possible and is confident in her photographer. If the relationship starts on the wedding day, there is the risk that you and your photographer will not match personalities well. As a professional I will try to meet every personality and make the day exactly what the couple wants, but that may not always be the case.

I have made the move to include engagement sessions in all of my wedding packages. I strongly feel that this will be an amazing move for my relationships with my wedding couples. I am very excited and I hope that with this decision couples will see how serious I take them and their wedding day. I want the absolute best relationship with all of my clients in every sense.

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