Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids Dresses 

You have your wedding dress, YAY! So exciting and hopefully the experience was absolutely amazing! Next thing is next, the bridesmaids dresses. When discussing with brides about their bridesmaids dresses I feel it’s always the topic of where they went didn’t have the exact color or style, or that the dresses were pricey! 

I make it part of my job as your wedding photographer to help you if need be in any details! One thing I love to recommend to brides is don’t be afraid to look online for bridesmaids dresses. Of course knowing your measurements and ordering in plenty of time is key! Ordering online in pressured time can be extremely stressful, allow time for delay, returns and re-sends! 

Now you’re thinking, where do I even begin to look?! Although there are TONS of online options, I decided to suggest some of my favorite places to begin (and hopefully end) your search! 

•Baltic born 







These online shops have wide variety, affordable prices, and are always so cute next to a wedding gown! 

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