6 Reasons to Hire a Husband + Wife Photography Team.

Welcome! We are Dylan + Dallas Castle, a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Ohio. We both are absolutely passionate about wedding photography and the magic that is in a wedding day. We love to capture the getting ready jitters, the aisle tears, the grand kiss, the intimate moments, and the celebration party! While there are many, many photographers out there, there are not as many husband and wife photography teams. You may ask why you should hire a husband and wife team and here are some reasons you should consider!

  1. Communication – When you live with someone for 7 years you become really good at knowing what the other person wants. We know what each other likes when photographing. We know the tones, vibes, and the feelings that we want to express in our photos. We build and feed off of each other and what capture. While one of us is capturing one image, the other is brainstorming the next. We have great flow and can communicate well to have amazing end results!
  2. Man + Woman – There will be parts of your day that could be a little more intimate, especially in the stages of getting ready for the ceremony. Clothes are being changed and space could be limited. You want those special moments documented but you also want to be comfortable. The best part about our team is one of us can be with the bride/bridesmaids while one is with the groom/groomsmen. Every image and angle is captured all while remaining comfortable!
  3. Experience – We have photographed approximately 20 weddings together. We know what angles we always get and what angle the other one gets. We have routine and systems. This helps in saving time when it comes to prepping the areas. We know what images the other expects from us.
  4. We Get It – Just five short years ago we were in your shoes. We were the bride and groom wanting the same things you want. We wanted great photos, smooth timelines, intimacy, and a great time. We do our absolute best to make those things present on your wedding day. We help you along the way as well as making sure everyone is as stress-free as possible.
  5. Relationship – Tension is never present. We are in sync on shots and angles. When we needed a fun angle, there was no hesitation in helping one another in a being on shoulders. We feed off each others energy and thoughts. We have a beautiful and fun marriage which makes our job that much more fun.
  6. A Good Time – We do more than just photograph your day but we love to be a part of your day. Often you will find us singing or dancing while capturing the dance floor. We love to celebrate your marriage and love just as much as your guests do. We are more than your vendors, we are your friends!

We hope to make everyone’s wedding day an absolute dream come true with the images that you will cherish your entire lives. If you are interested in chatting more about us being present on your wedding day please contact us. We photograph any/all wedding types in any 50 states. Thanks for stopping by!

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