Why you should sign up for a boudoir shoot!

Boudoir? The word instantly makes most people think of risqué and lingerie. I am here to tell you that boudoir is so much more than that! Boudoir is the opportunity to feel confident and empowered! It is the opportunity to fall back in love with yourself and your physical being. Let me take a moment and explain to you how my boudoir sessions work! 

First, your session begins way before you show up to the studio. The session begins as soon as we begin conversation about you wanting to book your session. We talk about what you’re comfortable with, what your ideas may be, what outfits may be best for you, professional hair and make up, and so forth. I want to ensure that we build a relationship and level of trust and comfort! 

Once you arrive, hair and make up will begin. 3 of my 4 boudoir packages include professional hair and make up services .I highly recommend booking a session that includes hair and make up. You’re here to feel your best right? Why not get completely dolled up? Allow yourself that extra self care time to be pampered and relaxed. During your hair and make up is also a great time to chat with the stylist and photographer to get you warmed up! We can play some music, pop some bubbly, whatever it is that makes you excited about your boudoir session!

Once hair and make up is completed, you and I can sit and look at all your outfits and accessories that you brought with you. We can discuss the ideas per outfit and the order in which we will move along the session in. This is also the time where I will get just a little bit more information about you. Although these sessions are to celebrate you and really make you feel beautiful regardless of your appearance, I do want to make sure that we cover your insecurities as well. I like to know this so I can look for specific things that you may not like in your photos. We will also chat about the vibe you’re wanting the session to go, whether its more flirty/smiley, serious/seductive, or a great combination of both! 

Now, it’s show time! It’s time to get behind my camera while guiding you through the session. Of course this is the time of the session where things are always different for each client. Every client moves at a different speed, different vibes, etc. What I can guarantee during your session time is a lot of laughs, compliments flowing out of my mouth because we know you’ll rock it, poses and prompts that are easy but incredible, and more! 

After your session time has concluded we will wrap up and discuss gallery return times! My typical gallery return times are 2-3 weeks unless we have discussed a quicker return date prior to your session date. 

You may be asking, great but why should I do a boudoir? I could write you an entire novel on why I feel women should do at least one (but actually never a limited number) boudoir sessions. To keep this part short I will list my top five reasons why you should do a boudoir session:

  1. To celebrate you
  2. To make you feel empowered
  3. To make you feel comfortable in your own body
  4. They’re great gifts
  5. It’s an excuse to go lingerie shopping

Convinced yet?! I am hoping you’re eagerly nodding your head yes and head toward that contact button to book your session! If you’re not, go for the contact button anyway! Let’s chat about it. I can answer any further questions or concerns. I am ready for you to fall back in love with yourself!

  1. Pam Weis says:

    Hello. I came across a post of someone looking for boudoir photos for under $400 and you were a recommendation. Can you please message me your package pricing?
    Thank you,

  2. Lindsey Ayala says:

    I would love to know about packages and prices for a session. Recommend to me by a friend who got her pictures done with you.

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